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Fractured Nostalgia Opening

Last Saturday Four Points Perspective had a huge turnout for our opening of the Fractured Nostalgia . Katriana Romanelli, our featured artist in this exhibitiondedicated her work to pattern and fabric. These qualities in her pieces challenge an idea of safe domesticity, and ultimately question the role that women are given in today's society. Karen Currier also had several carved and painted gourds in our little red room. These gourds encompass a contemporary take on New Mexican art, and all have a unique essence in every individual piece . Four Points Perspective also hosted an amazing performance from A. Billi Free which left the crowd awestruck.  Outside our gallery we had a guest appearance from Half Baked Food Truck who made some delicious food that everyone enjoyed.

If you all didn't get a chance to come to the opening check out some of the images from the night below, and feel free to stop by our gallery to view the work  Saturday and Sunday 12AM to 4PM or by appointment!




Isaac Smith