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Chris Bardey

Chris bardey

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The Crooked Man Press

Chris Bardey grew up studying drawing, painting, printmaking and book arts in Athens GA and Madison WI. He spent his twenties waiting tables, working construction, riding a beater motorcycle, expanding his knowledge in the print and paper arts, and becoming a certified art teacher in 1999. 

Chris taught high school art in the suburbs of Atlanta and Chicago because teaching, facilitating, and coaching, has always been his passion.  Eventually he "left it all" in 2007 for grad school in Las Cruces NM. His studio work focused on abstract drawing, painting and printmaking, with a thesis related to his life as an educator. This involved a community organization called SumArt, collaborating with artists, students, businesses and supporters from all over the city.  Chris finished the MFA program at NMSU and settled into teaching again, but this time he worked at a charter middle school. Along with this he collaborated with some amazing local artists on an alternative artspace and community center called the West End Art Depot, which closed its doors in 2016.

Four Points Perspective has returned his focus on his own personal studio work. His representational works often place an alter-ego in an unusual situation. Engaged in some dimly seen narrative - no more understood by himself than by the viewer - the rodeo clown or suburban schmoe tries on a new persona, seeks wisdom or does some other pointless thing. Other paintings are more spontaneous and non-objective, beginning usually as automatic drawings that toy with space, texture and color, hinting at visual references but rarely pinning them down. He wants these works to provide those elusive, overwhelming feelings of joy, wonder, humor and surprise that art can inspire in us.  If you would be interested in collaborations, inquiries into murals, design projects, and commissions for portraits please contact Chris at